The Top 5 Gifts NEVER To Give Mom For Mother’s Day


Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 3.25.00 PMOnce again, Mother’s Day is almost here.  That special day of the year when we take the time to tell Mom just how much she is appreciated and loved.

But before you decide on that “perfect gift for Mom,” it’s important to know the Top 5 Gifts that you should NEVER… EVER give Mom For Mother’s Day!

I know, I’m a Mom.  And Believe me when I tell you, it’s better to give her nothing than to give her one of these 5 dreaded gifts!

twist and shout mop# 1.  Never…Ever give Mom a present that “helps” her clean better!  No Mom wants a gift that says, “Ok, time to get back to work!” (even if it’s one of those new cute Twist and Shout mop and bucket sets).  If you do, you might see her Twist and Shout (and believe me, it won’t be pretty!)


#2.  Never…Ever give Mom a membership to Weight Watchers, or a book on how to lose weight, or any other product to “help” her lose weight! (No matter how good your intentions are, this would just be insulting!)

#3.  Never…Ever give Mom a “Special Trip or Outing” that isn’t really meant for her (tickets to the baseball game, drag racing, Las Vegas, etc.)self help book

#4.  Never…Ever give Mom a Book on Self Help!  If she’s having problems with her self esteem, she really doesn’t need you to point it out with a stupid book on how she can improve herself!

#5.  And the last really big No No – Never…Ever make Mom a special breakfast or dinner and leave all the dishes for her to clean up!

So, what would be a great gift for Mom?

The Very, Very Best Mother’s Day Gift is one that shows Mom you put a little time and thought into it, without spending too much money.  It’s a gift that makes her laugh, cry and laugh again.  It’s a gift that she can show to all her friends and make them so jealous because their own kids didn’t think of it!

But most of all, its a gift that reminds her of why she LOVES being your Mom!

And we have the perfect gift for you to give her!

A Montage Slideshow of all her children is the ULTIMATE Awesome gift for any Mom.  Watch her cry, laugh and then cry again as she watches her children featured in a Beautiful Montage Slideshow that was designed just for her!

Just send us some of your favorite digital pictures, tell us Mom’s favorite song, and let us do the rest!

Mom will not only get a DVD that plays her Mother’s Day Video Montage Slideshow of her children, but also her own personal webpage that plays her Mother’s Day Video that she can share with all her friends on facebook!

Click on the video above to see an example of a Mother’s Day Video Montage Slideshow that would thrill Any Mother on Mother’s Day and for years to come!

Then, gather about 50- 100 of Mom’s favorite pictures, upload them to our Box, tell us her favorite song and we will make your Mom the Best Mother’s Day Gift she has ever gotten!

(Enter the code “Mom2015” and you will get our Mother’s Day Special for only $39.95 – instead of $49.95)

This is truly the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!

Click Here Today to be sure to get it before Mother’s Day.




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