Most Romantic Way To Ask Her To Be Your Valentine

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 5.53.34 AMValentine’s Day is almost here! Take her completely by surprise and send her a beautiful (or silly) Montage Slideshow asking her to be your Valentine.

When you order your Valentine Montage Slideshow, you will be given a link to your own webpage that plays your slideshow along with any special message for your Valentine.

She can share this link with all her friends (or all the world if she wants!) to brag about how awesome and thoughtful Her Guy is!

Make her the most envied girl around because of your totally thoughtful and totally unique Valentine gift!

Cost to have us create a one of a kind Valentine Montage Slideshow featuring you and your Valentine – Priceless  (well actually it’s only $49.99).

Trust us guys (or gals), this Valentine slideshow will mean more to her (or him!) than a $100 bouquet of flowers that will be dead in a few days.

When you order your Valentine Montage Slideshow for only $49.99, you will receive a link to your own webpage that you can share and show off to all your family and friends.  You will also receive 2 DVD discs so you can play it on your own big screen.

(Image having her or him over for a romantic dinner, turning on the TV and surprising her or him with your amazing Valentine Montage Slideshow you had made just for her or him! – Or, while sitting at a great restaurant, or on the beach, click on your personal website from your phone and watch the surprise on their face as they watch your amazing Valentine slideshow.  Or, how about this . . . send them a text while you are away and ask them to click on your personal link to your Valentine Montage Slideshow.  Imagine their surprise and excitement! The possibilities are endless!)

All we need from you is about 30 to 40 digital pictures, any special messages you want included in the montage slideshow or written under your Valentine slideshow, and of course $49.99.

We’ll take care of the rest.  You can go to our order form by clicking here, or simply email us at: and we will get started on your Romantic Valentine message right away.

(The package for this Valentine Montage Slideshow is: Our Event  (one song for $49.99),this theme is: Happy Hearts.  However, you can choose any of our themes and packages to get the Best Valentine Montage Slideshow for your Valentine.)

We hope you have a very Romantic and Happy Valentine’s Day.  We know you’ll be a huge hit if you present her with her own fabulous Valentine Montage Slideshow!

(we accept payment by personal checks or PayPal)








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