Morning After Mimosas

Morning After Mimosa♥ Awesome Wedding Gift Idea: Mimosas for the Bride and Groom on the morning of their first day as Husband And Wife. ♥

What better way for the new Bride and Groom to start out their new and exciting life as Man and Wife!

This will make an awesome gift for the married couple – especially after the months of planning and preparing for their special day!

Time for them to sit back, relax, reflect on their Beautiful Wedding Day, and start planning their life together!

All you need to assemble this Great Gift is a Basket, A Bottle of Champagne, a Bottle of Orange Juice and A Couple of Really Cool Champagne Glasses (and don’t forget a Cork to open the Champagne!)

And to make their Mimosa Basket even more special, you can add a few goodies like Chocolate Strawberries, Donuts, Crackers or anything else you think they might like to nibble on while sipping their delicious Mimosas.

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